"I visited Hanna at ReleaseNZ as a last ditch attempt to relieve the constant ache & grief my hips gave me. For years I went to physiotherapy weekly which would temporarily relieve the pain but never completely diminish it & feeling like I was a constant nuicense to my doctor who would simply dismiss my woes with a pain relief prescriptions & encourage me to keep up with my physio I just knew there had to be another way, one that was kinder on the wallet too! I tried all sorts! Acupuncture, Shaki mat, herbal supplements & concoctions just to name a few. After a bout of complaining about my condition to a friend she asked whether or not I had visited a Contact CARE clinic. I had never heard of such a thing & I must admit after doing some light reading about it I was skeptical but as something that could benefit me & was a "remedy" I had not yet tried I jumped on the recommendation & sought out a local practitioner.

Hanna is so warm & welcoming, she's thorough & also VERY attentive! She asked a lot of questions never in a prying or intrusive way & didn't dismiss anything as too small or grand, if you felt any sort of discomfort or the niggilest of pains she wanted to know & help release it. Hanna went ahead gently moving my limbs & asked away about life, if I had noticed different factors, environments even times that increased the severity of my hip pain which it was in amongst these questions & discussion that I mentioned about the period pain I experienced which really caught Hanna's attention. She then stopped & showed me diagrams of our anatomy & explained how different parts of our body & how their function are entwined & have symbolic relationships with one another (really fascinating stuff) she then told me my period pain could possibly be cured. I cried, honestly broke down. Monthly pain is just something (well I thought) us woman are just so accustomed to & is so normalized, it's common practise to throw back some pain relief & put up with it. Well fast forward 2 months, 2 cycles & I haven't experienced achy hips nor the excruciating pain from my periods, I'm having the best nights sleep & my quality of everyday life has immensely improved. No paracetamol, no ibuprofen, no prescriptions or doctor visits. 3x 45 minute sessions with Hanna was all it took to relieve me of half a life time of pain. I don't write reviews but I cannot honestly thank & recommend Hanna enough & would encourage anyone with any sort of pain, old, new, pain you think is normal (ladies in particular, that's YOU!) to seek her out because I'm just bewildered by my results."  - Ashleigh



"A few weeks back I had session with Hanna, wasn’t to sure what I was getting up to but I knew with ovary pain I wasn’t interested at all at getting a rod insterted into my pelvis, so I thought I’d give Hanna a go for a more natural solution at nailing down this pain I had been having. Hanna is hands down amazing! My body did some ‘re-adjusting’ within 2 days of seeing her. I also brought “Happy Hormones” best thing out!! As soon as I get slight pain I apply it and my pain goes 100%! Life has been so much easier while dealing with 3 kids and pain free! I would recommend Hanna to anyone." Sharne

"Had appoiment today and can't believe the difference I have had chronic back pain for nearly 2 weeks and it is so much better after my appoiment would recommend to any one to give it a go and see this amazing young lady."

- Anne-maree

"I honestly cannot recommend this girl enough. I have been suffering from headaches for the past few weeks due to eye strain. Today it got so bad that it turned into a migraine, by the end of the day I was bed bound and couldnt move. Hanna made a special trip out to help me release the tension. Not sure what she did but I'm feeling so much better. I am now sitting up and having a conversation.
If you are in any kind of pain, or need help with release of muscle tension then this is your girl! #magicfingers "- Robyn

"I have had the pleasure of having a few treatments with Hanna now. She is so passionate about what she does and how Her practise can support those returning to health. I had not had a contact care treatment before therefore didn’t know what to expect. Hanna was great at explaining what she does and how the treatment works therefore I felt relaxed and at ease. The treatment itself was relaxing and non invasive. I noticed an improvement in pain and function of the effected area within a few days. I am looking forward to my next session. Thanks Hanna!" - Taylor

"After only one session, my sports injury (sprained ankle) felt a million bucks! Before I saw Hanna I was unable to play netball without pain, one session later and I was able to run, jump and play with confidence. I have since had a follow up and it feels even better!! Thanks again Hanna!" - Elizabeth

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It's more than just a clinic..

It's a place to learn, to understand and evolve your knowledge about your body.


You can expect that I will LISTEN to your story, OBSERVE your gestures and treat you with a pain-free approach.

I will locate your Flinchlocks by finding your heavy, still bone with a hands-on approach and use my body to find the ANGLE, DIRECTION and PRESSURE to release the flinchlock that is causing your discomfort.

MOST IMPORTANTLY I will do the above with you in your most comfortable position for your injury (lying, sitting, standing or other) .

You can expect that I will look at your body in a holistic way and incorporate everything into the story.

You can expect that YOU will LEARN.


$60 New Client

$60 Previous Client

$40 Children 16yrs and Under

ReleaseNZ Clinic