Where has all our commonsense gone?

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

The title gives a pretty good clue on what I have to discuss.. but first let's break it down.



Common - 'Occurring, found, or done often.'

Sense - (there are many.) 'A keen intuitive awareness of or sensitivity to the presence or importance of something'. 'A sane and realistic attitude to situations and problems'. 'A reasonable or comprehensible rationale'.

Commonsense - 'Good sense and sound judgement in practical matters'.

OR, if we make one up from the above...we could say something like.

Commonsense - 'Using sane and realistic judgement with intuitive awareness and reasonable comprehension OFTEN!

Here's what I don't understand..


Why do we have this desire to complicate EVERYTHING!?

Why do we not trust our intuition?

Why do we not use logic and simplified reasoning?

My only answer I can come up with is because if everything was just that simple (at which it is..) ..us humans would get bored or at least we THINK we would, so we create/imagine these complicated systems.. oh and MONEY I guess? we all want to be rich right..?

Here's an example..

You go to the Doctors..you are most likely to be put into a particular BOX of what you have, why you have it, what drug you should go on, whether you will have it for the rest of your life or not etc.. you get the picture..

When really shouldn't we just look at the basic fundamentals of how our body works, why it may be telling us that something isn't right? That we should be using a COMMONSENSE APPROACH to understanding why?

That maybe it's as simple as.. You had a rock fall on your foot..Now your foot doesn't function as well as it should..it's creating an imbalance in your pelvis and spine which is causing your CHRONIC BACK PAIN..

Maybe by dealing with the foot, the back pain will be sorted out?

Maybe you don't need all those pills/drugs?

Maybe you don't need to think "Oh well I just have to deal with this for the rest of my life.."?

MAYBE by opening our eyes and ears and using sane and realistic judgement with intuitive awareness and reasonable comprehension OFTEN, we may not have to deal with the pain we are consistently in?

So let's find this commonsense, let's use it OFTEN. Let's keep it simple.

- H

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